LACID Platform

The Cooperative R+D+I Activity Laboratory (LACID, according to its Spanish initials) provides a framework for cooperation between the IMDEA Food Institute and the I+D departments of private companies and public research institutes (Spanish and foreign), in which funding, human resources, spaces and infrastructures can be shared for joint R+D+I projects in nutrition and health.

Within the framework of the Horizon 2020 program for EU R+D+I, LACID has the objective of bringing together science and the agrifood industry in order to provide better opportunities for improving competitiveness and social wellbeing for the Region of Madrid and indeed the whole of Spain.

GENYAL Platform

Nutritional Genomics and Food GENYAL Platform provides a high-level service for undertaking nutrigenomic and nutrigenetic studies and transfers to the society the progress resulting from the applied research carried out by scientists from IMDEA Food Institute.

GENYAL integrates advanced scientific support units to develop diverse activities including design and conduct of clinical-nutrition trials; genomic analysis, bioinformatics and biostatistics; design and validation of functional foods; advice nutrigenetic; advanced specific training in nutrition, food and health; and communication and dissemination of information. 

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